Inadequate Staffing in Kentucky Nursing Homes

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Kentucky and federal law both require nursing homes that receive federal funding to develop a plan of care for every resident, and have enough staff to provide the care outlined in that plan. However, inadequate staffing often prevents nursing homes from providing residents the care and treatment they legally and morally require. Understaffing can cause nursing home residents to suffer myriad problems, including malnutrition or dehydration. Similarly, understaffing may result in residents suffering bedsores, because they are not turned or repositioned as often as necessary, or being over- or undermedicated.

The federal government recommends that nursing home residents receive a minimum of two hours per day of care from nurses’ aides. However, according to government data, almost 55% of American nursing homes fail to provide their residents the recommended amount of care. Likewise, the federal government recommends that nursing home residents receive at least 12 minutes per day of care from registered nurses. Yet approximately 30% of American nursing homes do not meet that standard.

Understaffing and Neglect

Many cases of nursing home abuse and neglect could be prevented with better staffing. However, many of the large, multistate corporations that operate networks of nursing homes place greater importance on profits than on providing the elderly with the care and support they deserve. For example, many American nursing homes employ certified nursing assistants (CNAs) to provide their residents’ care, because they are paid significantly less than registered nurses. Many CNAs working in U.S. nursing homes are underpaid, overworked, undertrained, and inadequately supervised. Additionally, some nursing home companies will cut back the care and services residents receive, simply to maximize profits.

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